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Do you have a cute picture of your dog? Would you like to share it with other people who visit our site? If so, please email your photo to RBRecreationCouncil@gmail.com width="16" height="16">

Rylee and Parker enjoying a fun romp at the Rancho Bernardo Dog Park.

Here is Koji, one of the larger visitors to the RB Dog Park.
He is a beautiful and gentle Akita.
Tilda and Koji are regular visitors to the RB Dog Park.

Here is Sammy, a 6 year English Bulldog.
She loves visiting the RB Dog Park, but only when she is not sleeping.

Here is Jake, a well known resident in High Country West.
He loves to visit the Dog Park whenever his busy schedule allows.

Here is 5 year old Chico.
He is a daily visitor to the dog park, and often the center of attention.


Da Vinci (left) often goes to the dog park to socialize with doggy friends.
Da Vinci has recently been adopted through a local Bichon rescue group.
Siblings Woody and Dolo (right), two more of our recent rescues,
will be visiting the park for their one year birthday.
If you are interested in adopting a Bichon, please contact www.Bichonfurkids.org.

Buddy, a member of the Weinberg family, all smiles, romping around on the grass. Photo taken by Val Bellora.

Woof!! Good Morning! Woof!!
I am Dodger. I'm a GOOD Dog!!

Helen, with Abby and Bear.

Moli, a pet assisted therapy dog, all dressed up for the 3rd Annual Dog Park Fundraiser.

Penny, a chocolate Miniature Pinscher, can't wait to spread some holiday cheer at the Dog Park. She wants to wish all of her furry friends a very Yappy Holiday!

Willie the beagle and Jack the Jack Russell Terrier, enjoying themselves at the dog park.

Here's Kiki taking an afternoon ride with her four legged friends,
Dippidy Doo, J-lo and sitting in the front, Homie.

Here's Emmett, a Cairn Terrier, just like Toto in The Wizard of Oz.
Emmett's red white and blue bandana is in the spirit of the 4th of July festivities.
Emmett always has quite a time stirring things up down at the RB Dog Park.

Here's Alice. She's a Portuguese Water Dog who loves playing at the Dog Park.

Butt, Butt, Butt, Butt. They always turn when the camera's clicking. Pooch pals playing together ~ Dana, Cody, Sam and Gia.

Papillons at play.

Ben Levinsky and his beloved dog, Bear -- and -- Steve Levinsky with his dog, Bear.

Guido and Paolo resting after a visit to the dog park. They visit the dog park every day with their dog walker. Paola is very shy/afraid, but has begun to play with other dogs at the dog park. His owners have noticed a positive change in his personality. Guido is very outgoing and loves to chase his ball and other dogs.

Jessie, one of our three-legged wonder dogs, who visits the dog park regularly.

Papillon Power ~ some members of the local Papillon Picnic Club recently had a get together at the dog park.

Caper, a retired service dog and presently a pet therapy dog, smiling with pleasure during one of her visits to the RB Off Leash Dog Park.

This is Sammy, all smiles after a visit to the dog park.

Robin, Cody and Dana at the entrance of the dog park.

This is Teddy, owned by Judy, relaxing at the dog park.

This is Madison Shay, a two year old Blue Weimeraner owned by Pat and Janet Hoy.

This is Bella, owned by Tim and Judy. Bella started out as a foster dog, but won the heart of Tim and Judy immediately and is now a permanent member of their family. Here she is resting in her favorite place in the house, the guest room futon.

This is Lady Shadow, a certified pet therapy dog, getting ready for a swim in the pool.

Do you have a cute picture of your dog? Would you like to share it with other people who visit our site? If so, please email your photo to our Dog Park Liaison mailto:RBRecreationCouncil@gmail.comm We will pick a few pictures submitted each month and place them on this site.